Martial Artist Realm
Martial Scholar Realm
First Level Early Inner Aura Stage
Second Level Mid Inner Aura Stage
Third Level Late Inner Aura Stage
Fourth Level Early Outer Aura Stage
Fifth Level Mid Outer Aura Stage
Sixth Level Late Outer Aura Stage
Seventh Level Early Xiantian Stage
Eight Level Mid Xiantian Stage
Ninth Level Late Xiantian Stage
Tenth Level Heavenly Connection Stage 
Martial Grandmaster Realm
First Level Early Spirit Vessel stage
Second Level Mid Spirit Vessel stage
Third Level Late Spirit Vessel stage
Fourth Level Early Essence Spirit stage
Fifth Level Mid Essence Spirit stage
Sixth Level Late Essence Spirit stage
Seventh Level Early Essence Talisman stage
Eighth Level Mid Essence Talisman stage
Ninth Level Late Essence Talisman stage
Tenth Level Transcending Mortality stage
Martial Saint Realm Title
First Level Early Merging Avatar stage
Second Level Mid Merging Avatar stage
Third Level Late Merging Avatar stage
Fourth Level Early Seeing Divinity stage
Fifth Level Mid Seeing Divinity stage
Sixth Level Late Seeing Divinity stage
Seventh Level Early Immortal Bridge stage
Eighth Level Mid Immortal Bridge stage
Ninth Level Late Immortal Bridge stage
Tenth Level Human Immortal Supreme
Immortal Realm Title
True Immortal Emperor, Leakless Immortal
Profound Immortal Sovereign, Quiet Immortal
Primordial Immortal Heavenly Monarch
Heavenly Immortal Heavenly Lord
Dao Realm
  • The Immortal Realm has only 4 stages but each stage is very difficult and could take even hundreds of years to advance to the next one.
  • When one steps into the Immortal Realm, everything changes. A Human Immortal can't even injure a True Immortal, the same thing goes for a True Immortal fighting against a Profound Immortal and so on. Yan Zhaoge is an exception from this rule.
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